Iron Maidens Alteration Services

Iron Maidens tailors can alter your new or treasured garment to make it fit perfectly.

Please note that we also offer a curtain fitting and alteration service.

Examples of our charges are as follows:

Description Prices From

Mens New Zip £9.95

Men Waist in/out £9.95

Mens Shorten Hem £9.95

Mens Lengthen Hem £9.95

Mens Tappering £12.95

Mens Tappering & Shorting £20.00

Shortening Jacket Length £15.95

Shortening Jacket Sleeves £12.95

Reline Coats £75.00

Ladies Shortening Dress £15.00

Ladies Shortening Zip £9.95

Ladies Shortening Zip £9.95

 "No Job Too Big or Small!"

Contact us for a no obligation quote or advice for any alteration or clothing repair.

Our Services
Washing & Ironing
We offer FREE collection and delivery. We offer a "One-off", "Regular Weekly or Monthly" and "As and When" Laundry services to suit your requirements. Please call us on 01243 792477  

Our rates are very reasonable and you will not get better value for money. We charge £1.75 per lb weight for Ironing and just £2.10 per lb for a full washing, drying and ironing service. We offer a fast service with 12 or 24hr turnaround options.
Dry Cleaning
What makes Iron Maidens dry cleaning service special? Well, to begin with, our collection and delivery service is FREE of charge. On top of that, we offer a collection and drop off service from as early as 6.00am, a convenient time for many of our customers who leave for work early in the morning. Conscientious attention to detail is a rare quality in today's modern world, but our small, friendly team at Iron Maidens is rather old fashioned in this respect. The combination of this caring outlook and our door to door delivery service is what has made us so popular over the years.
Iron Maidens in-house tailoring experts can alter your new or favourite garment to fit you perfectly. Anything from adjusting hemlines or leg-length, waist, sleeves, missing buttons or even replacing failed zips.